Company Construction

With solid capital strength, The Westlake Group consists of 5 large branch factory facilities, over 60 production lines, extensive modern machinery and the latest high tech equipment.

Westlake is the leader in the stamping industry and the foremost company within the domestic market. Our stamping production lines are the most complete in the domestic industry, the processing abilities of stamping for passenger, medium size, truck clutches and heavy-duty brake shoes are the largest within our domestic market. The company has the largest press of 25000KN available, together with press facilities of 8000KN, 6300KN high-speed units. There are 10 press sets above 10000KN; 220 additional press sets and 135 sets of oil press; 130 sets of large machining tool (including CNC machining tool); and 50 sets of large milling machine.

Machining production line: finish turning all uses 50 sets high-precision CNC machining tool and 4 sets CNC processing center’s controlling system.

Heat-treatment production line: the most advanced and efficient heat-treatment facility within the domestic market with complete equipment introduced from Japan, provided with internationally approved technology, high level automation and precision quality controls.

Assembly shop: Among the largest clutch production facilities in the world, ability to assemble many different models at the same time, clutch cover assembly 3.5 million sets, and clutch disc assembly 7 million sets per year. Equipped with our in hose developed and imported specific testing machines and high-efficiency jet-printer and laser marking machines.